Girls Rugby believes that everyone who participates and interacts with Girls Rugby programming should remain safe and never put in harm’s way. Girls Rugby also has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that, when given responsibility for young people, coaches, volunteers, and staff, provide them with the highest possible standard of care. When it comes to the safety of its members, Girls Rugby looks to protect within three areas: (1) Protection Within Girls Rugby, (2) Protection Outside of Girls Rugby, and (3) Protection Within Self. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how Girls Rugby is safeguarding its members, please contact us at info@girlsrugbyinc.com.

As a youth sports organization within the United States, Girls Rugby partners with SafeSport for all protection within sport. Girls Rugby utilizes SafeSport for any incidences of misconduct within Girls Rugby activities and programs. All Girls Rugby coaches and volunteers complete a background check and are required to complete a SafeSport training ahead of working with Girls Rugby programs.

SafeSport also provides a number of trainings and resources available on their website for parents and others working in sport. Should any incident happen or be suspected of happening within Girls Rugby programs, it should be reported through the SafeSport website directly, using the link below.

Girls Rugby takes responsibility to recognize when our children and members are not safe outside of our programming such as at home or in other aspects of life. Should any member of Girls Rugby suspect that there is misconduct or abuse happening with another Girls Rugby player or member, they take responsibility to report this to Girls Rugby. Collectively Girls Rugby will report the incident to the relevant, local authorities. Any suspicion of abuse or misconduct will be reported to the authorities in order to keep the safety of our members paramount. To report any misconduct or abuse of a Girls Rugby member outside of our programming, please use the link below.

Girls Rugby understands that there are many pressures and stressors that burden everyone, young and vintage. These stressors and pressures can cause a shift in the mental health of members. Should any member of Girls Rugby feel like they are struggling internally and need support, we want them to know that Girls Rugby is here to support them through it and provide help and resources. Should any member suspect that another Girls Rugby member is struggling or at risk with things internally, they should report it to Girls Rugby. Girls Rugby will take the appropriate steps to provide the right resources for the Girls Rugby member and their family. Please use the Safeguarding Report to report any cases within this area using the link below.