Girls Rugby is excited to announce that we have hired Program Manager, Sara Rainey to oversee our Columbus, Ohio program. Sara is a fantastic role model and we are thrilled to have her on-board. Read below to get to know her and her vision!

Sara Rainey (she/her/hers), Girls Rugby Columbus, Ohio Program Manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself and a bit of your background
My name is Sara, and I’ve lived in central Ohio my whole life (minus the 4 years I just spent at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio). I’m returning to Columbus with many exciting opportunities including working for Girls Rugby and starting my MPA at Ohio State University. I love youth sports, and while all of my experience has previously been in hockey I’m excited to bring that passion to Girls Rugby!

Why did you want to work with Girls Rugby?  
I love working with youth sports, specifically with underrepresented populations and making sure that everyone can enjoy the sport they love. Girls Rugby has incredible goals of growing the number of girls in rugby and empowering them overall to be better athletes and people; the organization’s passion for these goals and it’s athletes make me very excited to join this community.

Why is empowering young girls important to you? 
As a girl growing up in hockey, it was (and still is) very common for people to doubt my abilities, and it’s not a good feeling. Teaching girls from a young age that they are strong and important and can be leaders is so crucial for them to succeed; there are so many people that will tell girls they can’t do something, and I want to be the one to tell them that they can.

What is an important value that you think is essential for girls to learn? 
Confidence! It’s something I still struggle with, honestly, but being able to push past your own doubts and know that you can do something is so empowering.

What are you most looking forward to with the upcoming season? 
Definitely meeting the athletes and getting to know the families and community more. I’m also hoping to get a little more rugby experience under my belt!

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I love to read – I have my own mini library going and I spend most of my free time in bookstores, so if you can’t find me you know where I’ll be!

To reach Sara or find out more information on Girls Rugby programs in Ohio, contact her at ohio@girlsrugbyinc.com.