Although we already have a program in the South of Washington, we decided that the North needed a little love too! Girls Rugby is excited to announce that we have hired Program Manager, Carrie Strachila to oversee our Bellingham, WA program. Carrie is an amazing person on and off the pitch. Read below to get to know her and her vision!

Carrie Strachila (she/her/hers), Girls Rugby Bellingham, WA Program Manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself and a bit of your background
Hi everyone, I’m Carrie. I have lived in Bellingham for 10+ years. I grew up in a little town outside of Bellingham and loved growing up in the PNW. I’m a teacher for a local school district and enjoy hanging out with family, having bonfires, and creating new adventures.

Why did you want to work with Girls Rugby?
I feel that many girls underestimate/undervalue their own potential, and Girls Rugby creates safe and comfortable spaces for girls to identify and develop their leadership skills. I started playing rugby when I went to college, and experienced firsthand what a supportive, empowering community can do for a person. I want to be part of a program that can do the same for other girls.

Why is empowering young girls important to you? 
For me, empowering young girls means ensuring they have the strength (physically, mental, emotionally) that they need to make it through the challenges of being a young person today.  Empowering young girls helps them to create a strong sense of self-worth and the capability to take on any obstacles  they may encounter.

What is an important value that you think is essential for girls to learn? 
I think the most important values for girls to learn are growth mindset and determination. For me, that means the ability to take a negative outcome and learn from it. These are skills that will help them be successful in the future, both personally and academically.

What are you most looking forward to with the upcoming season? 
I look forward to creating a community for young girls to listen to and learn from each other. I’m looking forward to seeing new friendships form and the laughter that comes from developing new skills and strengths  together.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
My whole extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) meet every Sunday to have dinner together.

To reach Carrie or find out more information on Girls Rugby programs in Bellingham, WA, contact her at bellingham@girlsrugbyinc.com.