Girls Rugby is excited to announce its partnerships with the Chicago Lions and Rugby Pennsylvania as they expand into Illinois and Pennsylvania. The ongoing expansion of Girls Rugby programs illustrates how quickly the organization is meeting its goal of introducing new players to a sport that is not only fun but also encourages personal growth. Erin Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Girls Rugby, is thrilled for the future. When asked about this expansion she said, “At the core of what we do at Girls Rugby, it is about expanding the opportunities for young girls to lead and succeed through programs like ours. Partnering with Rugby Pennsylvania and the Chicago Lions to expand into both Pennsylvania and Illinois is something we have looked forward to from the start. We are extremely excited to have such amazing partners as we work together to help them meet their goals and bring our mission and vision to a reality in their communities. We look forward to continued success in the years to come and cannot wait to help more young girls succeed in these areas.”



The expansion of Girls Rugby is not only beneficial to the organization but also to the groups it is partnering with. “Rugby Pennsylvania has identified that introducing more girls to the sport of rugby is the most effective way for us to grow in our state,” reported Dylan Hamilton, the Executive Director of Rugby Pennsylvania when asked about the partnership. “The unique inclusivity of rugby makes it the ideal activity for all, which has spearheaded our efforts in getting more schools to start girls rugby programs. Working with Girls Rugby, Inc. is the perfect way for us to expose more girls to the sport at an impressionable age, and provide them a fun and engaging introduction to the game.”


The Director of Youth Rugby for the Chicago Lions, Andy Rose, was also ecstatic about the new developments. “Chicago Lions Rugby is very excited about our partnership with Girls Rugby, Inc. The Lions and Girls Rugby share many of the same values and beliefs with regard to growing this sport amongst our youth. Currently, most middle schools only offer co-ed contact rugby, which causes many females to drop off. Hopefully, by working together, we can reduce this drop out rate while also growing the game specifically in girls participation in Chicago,” he commented.


The new Girls Rugby locations will be offering both leagues and camps. While it is an excellent way to educate young girls on rugby fundamentals, Girls Rugby’s biggest draw is that it’s fun! 


No prior experience is required, and tackling is substituted with a flag pull making it perfect for new players.  All are welcome to come try it out! 


Interested participants can register at Girls Rugby Illinois and Girls Rugby Pennsylvania.