Why Girls Rugby?
As a parent, you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting the right activities for your daughter. Let us help you decide! Find out why Girls Rugby is a great choice when it comes to your daughter’s development.

1. Leadership – Who Run the World? Girls!
Girls Rugby provides a platform that inspires young girls to be leaders in their communities, both on and off the rugby pitch. We believe that strong leadership is contagious and we empower our coaches, referees and players to emulate these behaviors to create and inspire others to do the same.

2. Empowerment – You go girl!
The experience with Girls Rugby gives girls more than just rugby. We want girls to feel strong, brave and bold. We want them to be their true selves and carve their own paths! We believe that every girl deserves the opportunity to reach her potential and we strive to empower girls to achieve that.

3. Achievement – Dream More. Do More.
We want to help girls find opportunities to grow, fail, learn and succeed. Working through challenges with teammates and against opposition provides amazing opportunities for girls to develop skills they can carry into their lives, on and off the field. We want girls to realize the endless opportunities they have in life.

4. Development – Values-Based
We are dedicated to developing girls as more than just rugby players. We want to provide more girls with the opportunity to be immersed in an environment that is rich in positive core values. Girls Rugby has built a curriculum rooted in values that will not only impact our players, but our coaches, referees, and fans too! These values will help girls become positive members of their communities.

5. Enjoyment – Rugby is FUN!
Girls deserve the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a safe and fun environment. Research has shown that when the emphasis is put on winning and competition only, participants tend to drop out at a higher rate and not enjoy themselves. Girls Rugby is extremely driven to create a fun environment for participants and believes that girls who fall in love with rugby during our programs will create memories they will carry throughout their lives. Our focus is on learning new skills, making new friends, and always having fun!

6.Respect – Me, Us, We!
Girls under the age of 13 can be negatively influenced by mass media, peers, social media and so much more. At Girls Rugby we provide a place where girls feel respected and valued. Each player is celebrated for what makes them different and unique! We focus not only on respecting the game and those involved (coaches, referees, opponents, and fans), but also learn about respecting ourselves.

7. Sportsmanship – We’re in This Together!
The absolute best thing about our sport is the focus on sportsmanship. Rugby is known for its positive culture, and at Girls Rugby we are passionate about creating an environment where teammates and opposition can come together and celebrate each other as rugby players and members of a larger rugby family.

So what are you waiting for? Sign your daughter up for a Girls Rugby program today and/or share with a friend who has a daughter! Visit our location pages for more information and to register!